My Photography Goal

My goal with photography is to capture the most natural moments possible. I want to make camera shy clients feel like they can 'werk it'. Giving confidence to people with no confidence is a winning feeling. That's what I love. That's why I do this.

Some Commonly Googled Wedding Photographer Questions

What Does a Wedding Photographer Do?

The main objective of a wedding photographer is to capture the magic and happiness of the greatest day of your life, but I don't just take pictures. Before the day I organise what photographs the happy couple would like so I can make sure I can get the important photographs for them on the day. After the wedding I look through the thousands of photographs, whittle them down to the best ones, then edit them all. Editing includes removing unwanted people, removing blemishes, lighting and colour enhancements.

Why Hire a Wedding Photographer?

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from asking a friend or family member to take photographs for you on the day, I'm sure they'd be able to get some lovely shots. The difference is, I will know the shots to take, the poses to use, what lighting is best and, in general, I can be left to get on with my job so you can enjoy your wedding day to its fullest.

What if I Can't Afford a Wedding Photographer?

So if your budget doesn't allow for a full day of photography I can always tailor a personalised package just for you and your budget. I can either charge by the hour or do a full day shoot, so I am fully flexible for you.

Why Does Wedding Photography Cost So Much?

Wedding photography can seem really expensive. However, you are not only paying your photographer for the hours that they spend at your wedding, but also all of the hours afterwards spent going through the thousands and thousands of photos taken, whittling them down and editing them. Pricing usually reflects the skill, creativity and experience of the photographer as well as their attention to detail. Your wedding photographer is worth the investment, as the photos will end up being a key memory of your day which last a lifetime.


When willl recieve my wedding album?

I aim for a maximum of 2 weeks

How do I recieve my photos?

You receive a link to an online album which you are able to download and share with your friends and family!

Where are you based?

I'm based in Taunton in Somerset

Do you travel?

I absolutely do for no extra cost!

What are you like as a photographer?

I'm all about the FUNI I want to celebrate the day with you.
This will help you relax, which will help me take those beautiful candid shots. Check out my videos on Instagram and see for yourself!

What is your photography style?

To summarise, l'd say my style is candid, relaxed, fun and stylish

We hate having our photo taken, how can you help?

I always have a chat with you so you can get to know me and I can help to calm your nerves. If you're really nervous, its worth considering an engagement shoot so you get used to being in front of the camera!

Do you offer any kind of payment plan?

Yes I do offer a payment plan!
I understand weddings are expensive and you'll have payments coming out of your ears, therefore I'm happy to spread the cost for you

How do I secure my wedding date?

Simple! Let me know your date, pay a 30% deposit and sign a contract!