Hello There!

As you've probably gathered,

I'm Jake.

If you were ever wondering who was behind the camera then you certainly came to the right place! Taunton lad born and bred, with a passion for animals, space, Star Wars and, of course, photography.

What am I like as a person? Well I don't want to toot my own little trumpet, but I'm an extremely friendly person with (I hope) a great sense of humour, so I like to think I'm easy to get on with. If you're nervous about going in front of the camera, no worries, I'm patient, and will support you and help build your confidence up until you're strutting about like a catwalk model.

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Why Photography?

I got a camera for my 18th birthday never having thought about entering the world of photography. Like most people I started out with landscape photography, then I grew a major interest in macro photography. I started Instagram to showcase my work and my adventures. Photographing people had never even crossed my mind.

That changed in 2019 when I started to play around with portraits and here we are!

I'm all about making people feel confident and happy. If I wasn't a photographer I'd be working in the mental health field being a therapist or councillor. My goal with photography is to capture the most natural moments possible. I want to make camera shy clients feel like they can 'werk it'. Giving confidence to people with no confidence is a winning feeling. That's what I love. That's why I do this.